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The ScrambleBug

If your child yearns for greater mobility and independence, but hasn’t quite developed their steering skills, then an adorable Quicksmart Scramble Bug may be the answer.

Quicksmart Scramble Bug is a fun and safe way for your infant to gain confidence in their mobility skills and develop their balance, and may help you in transitioning your child from a baby walker to a ride-on.

The ScrambleBug’s four wheels and close proximity to the ground mean your child can develop their pushing and steering skills safely and with confidence, while the colourful bug design of these unique ride-on toys make this learning experience and newfound independence fun.

Scramble Bug – the fun way for kids to get around!

Each ScrambleBug is easy to steer and manouvre, with 360 degree movement of its castor wheels. It is also easily transportable – it collapses and assembles freely and is very durable - so can be brought with you on family vacations or to the park for more safe fun, or packed away when not in use.

Available on babytotoddler.com.au in four fun colours – the red Beetle, pink Candy, green Hornet and Blue Splash – you can be sure to find a cute Scramble Bug that your child will love.
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