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My Brest Friend Twin Pillow

My Brest Friend Twin Pillow

Breast feeding is an important time for bonding with your baby, and it's important to feel at ease. While nursing twins may usually be a tricky experience, a breast feeding pillow helps both mother and child to be as comfortable as possible so they can both get the most out of what should be a calm, peaceful experience.

A breast feeding pillow designed for maximum comfort

My Brest Friend has a number of speciality feeding pillows catering to a range of needs, and this My Brest Friend breast feeding pillow was designed for the purpose of properly supporting mum and twin babies during breast feeding. It features a number of unique attributes which help make breastfeeding twins easier, more comfortable and more convenient. The back rest on the feeding pillow helps mum maintain good posture during breast feeding, eliminating pressure and preventing a sore back and necks.

The wrap-around design of the breast feeding pillow helps it secure to the body, helping mum and baby to maintain ideal positioning for maximum comfort during breast feeding. Latch-on arms and elbow rest help in eliminating shoulder stress. The My Brest Friend twin breast feeding pillow features a convenient pocket for nursing and other accessories. The feeding pillow also features a firm flat front cushion, which eliminates the gap between you and your babies when breast feeding, keep the babies from rolling away with adjustable straps.
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