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Harness Buddy

Make your toddler harness fun with a Harness Buddy

The minute toddlers learn to walk, they seem to learn to wander off, so a toddler harness is often a helpful way to ensure your toddler stays close and safe in open spaces without being confined to a stroller. Babytotoddler.com.au stocks a range of the popular Harness Buddy to help make your child's toddler harness more fun and attractive, with each Buddy having its unique style and appeal.

A Harness Buddy makes your child’s harness even more practical, as it not only ensures your child’s safety, but is easily convertible to a backpack by simply removing the tether tail. You can be sure there will be no fights with your child about the use of a toddler harness when they see the fun, colourful Harness Buddy.

Find a Harness Buddy to suit your toddler

The range of fun, colourful designs featured on babytoddler.com.au includes a fairy, a fluffy dog, monkey, aeroplane and butterfly.

The Harness Buddy is a friendly, affordable and convenient way for your child to stay close to mum and dad while out in crowds and public spaces, and a way for you to breathe easy - knowing your child is having fun in their toddler harness.