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Playette Harness Buddy Patch Puppy

The 2 in 1 Harness Buddy is popular with toddlers and is reassuring to mums, keeping their little ones close and safe in large crowds and open areas. This toddler harness doubles as a harness buddy, and backpack. Simply remove the tether tail from the harness buddy to convert into a back pack.
The Harness Buddy is one of Australia’s most popular and highly sought after Toddler Harness, is not only attractive, but is actually a safe way to enjoy your little one, while not being tied down in the stroller. The entire Family can now enjoy walking and travelling with a little less stress knowing the toddler harness is on child therefore is close buy to Mum and Dad with their favorite Harness Buddy on. This Toddler Harness overall is convenient, reliable, affordable and useful.
$19.99 (You save $6.00)
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